Laser processing of plasma sprayed coatings

Laser processing of plasma sprayed coatings

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coatings; spraying; plasma; microstructure; laser; microhardness; alloying; обработка лазером; плазменно-напыленные покрытия; порошковые покрытия

Общие и комплексные проблемы технических и прикладных наук и отраслей народного хозяйства / Сварка

The influence of continious CO2-laser processing on structure, composition and microhadness of plasma sprayed Ni-Cr-Si-B, Fe-C-Cr-V, Ni-Al coatings was studied. The change of chemical and phase compositions of the coatings compared with the initial sprayed ones due to alloying with elements of substrate, depending on the processing operation (input power) was determined. Laser processing of plasma sprayed coatings allows to improve substantially their adhesion and in combination with high speed cooling, gives the possibility to regulate the processes of structure formation, dispersion, phase formation, and hence, the properties of forming coatings by means of processing operation.

Laser processing of plasma sprayed coatings / Dr. V. P. Larionov, Cand. N. P. Bolotina, Eng. T. V. Argunova, Cand. V. D. Tyunin, Eng. M. P. Lebedev. — [S. l. : s. n.], 1988. — 6 c.

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