Данилов Афанасий Афанасьевич (Danilov A. A.) Документы 1 - 2 из 2

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From data of riometer observations from 1986 to 1993 at stations of Kotelny Island, Tixie Bay and Zhigansk the semi-diurnal variations of occurrence frequency of auroral absorption and their dependence on geomagnetic activity have been determined. It has been found that the phase of semi-diurnal variation maximum is systematically shifted to earlier hours with the rise of geomagnetic disturbance. The reason of this experimental fact is discussed.

Sokolov, V. D. Dependence of semi-diurnal variation of auroral absorption on a geomagnetic disturbance / V. D. Sokolov, A. A. Danilov, S. N. Samsonov // Physics of auroral phenomena : proceedings of the 26th annual seminar, 25 - 28 February 2003. – 2003. – P. 91-94.