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The influence of continious CO2-laser processing on structure, composition and microhadness of plasma sprayed Ni-Cr-Si-B, Fe-C-Cr-V, Ni-Al coatings was studied. The change of chemical and phase compositions of the coatings compared with the initial sprayed ones due to alloying with elements of substrate, depending on the processing operation (input power) was determined. Laser processing of plasma sprayed coatings allows to improve substantially their adhesion and in combination with high speed cooling, gives the possibility to regulate the processes of structure formation, dispersion, phase formation, and hence, the properties of forming coatings by means of processing operation.

Laser processing of plasma sprayed coatings / Dr. V. P. Larionov, Cand. N. P. Bolotina, Eng. T. V. Argunova, Cand. V. D. Tyunin, Eng. M. P. Lebedev. — [S. l. : s. n.], 1988. — 6 c.


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By using data treatment results of mid-latitude geomagnetic variations, the significant increase of the local current system intensity with the eastern direction current system, arising near the meridian of expected substorm center ~10-30 min before the break-up onset, has been found. A comparison of longitudinal sizes of two current system, forming the substorm disturbance before and after the onset of the substorm expansion phase, has been carried out. The longitudinal size of the current loop of the substorm growth phase is nearly twice as small as azimuth scale of the substorm current wedge, and the current strength is as week as 2.7-12 times.

Boroyev, R. N. Local increase of field-aligned current intensity before a substorm onset / R. N. Boroyev, V. A. Velichko, D. G. Baishev // Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Substorms : 16-20 May 2000 Congress Centre of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia. − Noordwijk, Netherlands : European Space Agency, 2000. − P. 279-282.


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MAGDAS-9 magnetometers observations of strong earthquakes : [тезисы докладов] / Baishev D. G., Moiseev A.V., Bondar E. D., Kobyakova S. E., Yumoto K. // 10th International conference "Problems of geocosmos", St. Petersburg, Petrodvorets, October 6-10, 2014. – St. Petersburg : [s. n.], 2014. – P. 106.


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Analysis of the global magnetosphere-ionosphere response to solar wind dynamic pressure variations under the negative IMF Bz has been performed. It is shown that an increase in the dynamic pressure leads to a double response of the ionospheric currents and aurora, i.e. simultaneously (within the accuracy of 1 min) and ~5-7 min afterward. Thereby, the eastward and westward convective electrojets are enhanced in the evening and morning sectors respectively, followed by the intensification of the westward current in the near midnight and evening sectors. The intensification of the electrojets is followed by extension of the diffuse precipitation zone and its high latitude boundary movement to the pole and to the east in the midnight-to-morning sector. In our case, no poleward or westward extension of aurora before midnight is observed. The disturbance triggered by a dynamic pressure increase may be considered as a convection disturbance associated with reconstruction of the DP2 current system.

Magnetosphere-ionosphere response to magnetosphere compression by the solar wind / S. I. Solovyev, A. V. Moiseyev, K. Yumoto, M. Engebretson // Physics of auroral phenomena : proceedings of the 26th annual seminar, 25 - 28 February 2003. – 2003. – P. 41-44.


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Magnetospheric-ionospheric response to variations in the solar wind dynamic pressure during positive IMF Bz and a sharp change of IMF By direction : [тезисы докладов] / S. I. Solovyev, A. V. Moiseyev, K. Yumoto, M. Engebretson, A. Du // Physics of auroral phenomena : 29th annual seminar, 27 February – 3 March 2006 : abstracts. – 2006. – P. 36.


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Large-amplitude morning Pc5 magnetic pulsations during the main phase of intense magnetic storm were registered at magnetic stations of 190-200° magnetic meridians on January 21-22, 2005. Magnetic pulsations in the Pc5 frequency range observed at the GOES 10, 12 satellites in the noon and evening sectors exhibited a high degree of magnetic compessibility. A Los Alamos particle detector on board geostationary satellite observed the occurrence of energetic particle flux oscillations in the Pc5 band. The Pc5 pulsations were followed with the VLF-emission and riometer absorption modulation with the same period. The regions of maximal amplitude of Pc5 geomagnetic pulsations and deep modulation of riometer absorptions shifted to high latitudes in the same way. Significant and long-lasting compression of magnetosphere led, probably, to moderate pitch-angle diffusion of particle into the loss cone even at the middle latitudes. Analysis of coordinated data allowed us to suggest that a modulation effects of precipitating particles are caused by a compressional waves.

Manifestation of Magnetosphere Fluctuations during the Large Magnetic Storm of January 21-22, 2005 / D. G. Baishev, E. S. Barkova, V. A. Mullayarov, S. N. Samsonov, S. I. Solovyev, K. Yumoto // Solar Extreme Events Fundamental Science and Applied Aspects Nor-Amberd, Armenia 26-30 September 2005 : proceedings of the Second International Symposium / edited by A. Chilingarian and G. Karapetyan. − Erevan : Cosmic Ray Division, Alikhanyan Physics Institute, 2006. − P. 96-99.


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The results of the hydroxyl and oxygen molecules rotational temperature measurements during two observational seasons 1999-2001 at Maymaga station (φ=63°N;λ=129.50°E) are presented. The rotational temperatures of OH(6,2) and O2 (0,1) bands have been measured with the infrared spectrograph equipped by the cooled CCD registration system. It is shown that the amplitude of seasonal change of hydroxyl rotational temperature is greater than the molecular oxygen variation. OH temperatures have been systematically higher the O2 ones during winter. An abrupt decrease of the O2 intensity connected with the springtime transition of the atmospheric circulation is found in both time series. For the first time a change of the temperature vertical gradient sign caused by mesopause height displacemet to a higher (winter) level was shown in the data of August-September 2001.

Gavrilyeva, G. A. Measurements of the mesosphere temperature by two molecular emissions in Yakutsk (62°N, 129,5°E) / G. A. Gavrilyeva // Physics of auroral phenomena : proceedings of the 26th annual seminar, 25 - 28 February 2003. – 2003. – P. 198-201.


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Riesz potentials are convolution operators with fractional powers of some distance (Euclidean, Lorentz or other) to a point. From application point of view, such potentials are tools for solving differential equations of mathematical physics and inverse problems. For example, Marsel Riesz used these operators for writing the solution to the Cauchy problem for the wave equation and theory of the Radon transform is based on Riesz potentials. In this article, we use the Riesz potentials constructed with the help of generalized convolution for solution to the wave equations with Bessel operators. First, we describe general method of Riesz potentials, give basic definitions, introduce solvable equations and write suitable potentials (Riesz hyperbolic B-potentials). Then, we show that these potentials are absolutely convergent integrals for some functions and for some values of the parameter representing fractional powers of the Lorentz distance. Next we show the connection of the Riesz hyperbolic B-potentials with d’Alembert operators in which the Bessel operators are used in place of the second derivatives. Next we continue analytically considered potentials to the required parameter values that includes zero and show that when value of the parameter is zero these operators are identity operators. Finally, we solve singular initial value hyperbolic problems and give examples.

Shishkina, E. L. Method of Riesz potentials applied to solution to nonhomogeneous singular wave equations / E. L. Shishkina, S. Abbas // Математические заметки СВФУ. — 2018. — Т. 25, N 3 (99), июль-сентябрь. — С. 68-91.
DOI: 10.25587/SVFU.2018.99.16952


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Gololobov, A. Yu. Modeling the influence of magnetospheric heat fluxes on the electron temperature in the subauroral ionosphere = Моделирование влияния магнитосферных потоков тепла на температуру электронов в субавроральной ионосфере / A. Yu. Gololobov, I. A. Golikov, I. I. Varlamov // Солнечно-земная физика = Solar-Terrestrial Physics. – 2017. – Т. 3, N 2 : 13-я российско-китайская конференция по космической погоде. – С. 54-57. – DOI: 10.12737/22595.
DOI: 10.12737/22595


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Якутская меридиональная цепочка (ЯМЦ) ИКФИА СО РАН, расположенная вдоль 190° магнитного меридиана, оснащена геофизическими и радиофизическими инструментами для мониторинга космической погоды на северо-востоке России. ЯМЦ включает четыре основные станции в Якутске, Тикси, Жиганске и Маймаге, и шесть дополнительных наблюдательных пунктов в Нерюнгри, Зырянке, Кыстатыам, Джарджане, Чокурдахе и на о. Котельный. Она обеспечивает непрерывный мониторинг околоземного космического пространства с целью получения данных о вариациях магнитного поля, космического радиошума, ОНЧ эмиссий и ионосферных параметров в сложной системе верхняя атмосфера-ионосфера-магнитосфера. Дополнительно проводятся долговременные экспериментальные исследования влияния эффектов космической погоды на здоровье человека в Тикси и Якутске. В статье описывается меридиональная цепочка инструментов на субавроральных и авроральных широтах и дается краткий обзор научных результатов мониторинга и исследования эффектов космической погоды в Якутии. Также сообщается об участии ИКФИА СО РАН в международных проектах (Intermagnet, MAGDAS, GIRO).

Monitoring and investigating space weather effects with meridional chain of instruments in Yakutia: a brief overview = Мониторинг и исследование эффектов космической погоды с помощью меридиональной цепочки инструментов в Якутии: краткий обзор / D. G. Baihsev, S. N. Samsonov, A. V. Moiseev, R. N. Boroyev, A. E. Stepanov, V. I. Kozlov, A. A. Korsakov, A. A. Toropov, A. Yoshikawa, K. Yumoto // Солнечно-земная физика = Solar-Terrestrial Physics. – 2017, т. 3, N 2 : 13-я российско-китайская конференция по космической погоде. – С. 27-35.
DOI: 10.12737/22607